TEAM : Members Of The DDC…


Steven Clarke is an Associate Professor in the School Of Architecture at UNLV (University Of Nevada Las Vegas). He has been the Director since December 2014 and is a licensed landscape architect in  British Columbia, Canada. Steven has focused the work of the UNLV DDC (Downtown Design Center) towards the development of regenerative and sustainable communities through public engagement and collaborative research, design, and action. He brings a unique set of skills and experiences to this position, including an understanding of urban design issues facing arid cities, as well as knowledge in the integration of food systems and urban environments, and water resource management.


Diego Alvarez is a researcher at the UNLV DDC (Downtown Design Center). Diego holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). He has been with the DDC since May 2015 and is involved in the production of projects at the DDC.