The HUNDRED Plan for the Historic Westside Community

The area known as the Historic Westside plays a pivotal and unique role in the history of Las Vegas. In the mid-1950s, the Moulin Rouge on Bonanza became the first integrated resort casino in Las Vegas, and the neighborhood culture and economy was thriving. Some 50 years later, the Westside still breathes a rich community despite economic and urban challenges. Establishing the HUNDRED (Historic Urban Neighborhood Design Redevelopment) Plan for the Westside neighborhood is a vital step in identifying the opportunities to link with the past and create a familiar bridge to the future. Presented within the Plan is a strong vision, eight (8) “Big Moves” envisioned with practical projects, the stories of the stakeholders and community members, improvement program ideas, and proposed regulation and zoning, that together, will transform the Westside into a vibrant neighborhood.


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